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England stands divided: King against Parliament, town against country, brother against brother.

For Captain Stryker, scarred hero of a dozen battles, the rights and wrongs of the cause mean little. His loyalties are to his own small band of comrades – and to Queen Henrietta Maria’s beautiful and most deadly agent, Lisette Gaillard. So when Prince Rupert entrusts him with a secret mission to discover what has happened to Lisette and the man she was protecting - a man who could hold the key to Royalist victory – nothing, not false imprisonment for murder, ambush, a doomed siege, and a lethal religious fanatic – will stand in his way.

From the bloody storming of Cirencester, to the siege of Lichfield and finally to the killing fields of Hopton Heath, Michael Arnold brings all the drama and the passion that lay behind the English Civil War vividly to life.


Published 18th August 2011

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Devil’s Charge is a thumping good read. With considerable skill, Arnold has reached back in time to create a living, breathing depiction of 17th century England. From his vividly described battle scenes to the richly drawn descriptions of everyday life, from the earthy vernacular of its characters to the precise details of military equipment, every last part of this book oozes authenticity. Fans of Cornwell’s Sharpe novels will love Arnold’s hero, Captain Innocent Stryker. He’s uglier, meaner and cleverer than Sharpe. I thought this novel was tremendous. Where’s the next book?!

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